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Company Introduction

Sky-Shine Exhibition Group

Founded in 2002, the company is a factory chain organization specialized in large-scale auto show, nationwide exhibition, conferences and special design for exhibition, which includes five wholly-owned factories in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu. Guangzhou headquarters cover 15000m2; Shanghai branch factory covers 7000m2; Beijing branch factory covers 6000m2 and Chengdu branch factory covers 5000m2. It also sets up management center, establishes sound management process and system, and implement national unified management. The company keeps developing partners in China¡¯s second and third-tier cities and resources of suppliers, making efforts to provide comprehensive and thoughtful exhibition services for clients all over China.

Attaching great importance to talents, the company has 500 active employees now and also reserves a number of temporary team resources, so as to ensure sufficient personnel and productivity at the situation of increasing scarcity of talents. As the headquarters of the company, Guangzhou headquarters are qualified for personnel recruitment and training and supply backbone talents for branch factories all over the country.

Our company mainly provides services for national public relations companies, advertising companies and exhibition design companies. We continue to improve our strength, quality and services with increase of customer requirements.

Over the years, our company has completed production and construction for over a hundred large and medium-sized nationwide exhibition projects. By virtue of the advantage of network and rich experience in exhibition, we have shown great competitive force in nationwide exhibition projects to clients, including convenient communication, reduction of operating costs in different places, unified products and services, and uniform implementation capacity in the whole country, etc.

The company focuses on internal process control and operation management. It had passed ISO Quality System Certification in 2004 and established a sound internal process and quality service tracking system. It also was the first to implement information management in the exhibition industry in 2010, unified and efficient service system of Sky-Shine Display.  All of these measures provide a guarantee for project cost control, improvement of construction efficiency, effective implementation and consistent quality.