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 Sky-shine Exhibition Group . Guangzhou

Person in Charge: Benny   MOBILE:13802509567
Add: Jiansha Industry Park, 8 Danshuichang Road, Yu’anwei, Xilangcun, Liwan District, Guangzhou
TEL:+8620 81622912、81622913、81622917
FAX:+8620 81622907 CODE:510385
EMAIL: GZ@sky-shine.com 


 Sky-Shine Exhibition Group . Shanghai

Person in Charge: Nike    MOBILE:15000574168
Address: Group 12, Huixi Village, Luhui, Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai
TEL:+8621 64295711/ 64295955
FAX:+8621 64291918
EMAIL: SH@sky-shine.com

 Sky-Shine Exhibition Group . Beijing

Person in Charge: Felix   MOBILE:13552532599
Address: Dongyao Art District, Dongyao Village, Jinzhan Town, Chaoyang District, Beijing
TEL:+8610 84310043/ 84317353
FAX:+8610 84317353
EMAIL: BJ@sky-shine.com

 Sky-Shine Exhibition Group . Chengdu

Person in Charge: Mr. Zhu   MOBILE:13882200853
Address: No. 121, Group 9, Linquan Community, Zaolin Village, Majia Town, Xindu District, Chengdu
TEL:+8628 62514019/ 62514029
FAX:+8628 62514139
EMAIL: CD@sky-shine.com

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